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Design Thinking with Brian Kane

Episode Summary

Today we are talking with guest Brian Kane about Design Thinking, Artificial Intelligence and why you should be prototyping. Brian Kane has had a dual career as both an artist and designer working with technology since the 80's.

Episode Notes

Brian Kane


Two videos brought up in conversation:
AI and Design
AI Design, Human Considerations

the origin of the Big Mouth Billy Bass Alexa video:

0:49 Brian Kane Intro
3:33 Lowering the barrier to entry in innovation
5:26 What should IT leaders know about A.I.
9:44 Examples of A.I. that work well
13:05 Negative A.I. experiences
15:03 Getting familiar with Design Thinking
18:06 Design Doing vs Design Thinking
19:56 Using Design Doing process leading a team
21:58 Brian Kane's Tools of choice
23:37 Working with multicultural teams
29:32 What approaches do you use working with teams
37:58 Big Mouth Billy Bass Alex story
41:56 Creep Factor in A.I.
46:32 Book recommendation
47:46 Closing

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